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18k Diamond Drop Ring

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Exquisite and unique, a hand engraved and gracefully curved band is nestled between 2 stunning diamonds.  An antique old European cut Diamond takes center stage and makes this gorgeous piece One-Of-A-Kind! A historical Diamond that symbolizes a vow of love and commitment in generations past, present, and future.  

 *The old European cut diamond is the standard round diamond that was made between 1890 – 1930.  Until the mid-1900s, if someone needed a Diamond, it had to be cut and measured by hand. The Diamond cutters at the turn of the century used their expert eyes to measure for precision. They cut and polished their Diamonds to maximize sparkle amidst candlelight. 


- Antique Old European Diamond .91ct color F/VS2
- RC Diamond .03ct
- 18k Yellow Gold
- Handmade in Texas
- All Stones are Ethically Sourced