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Bi-Color Tourmaline Diamond Bail Necklace

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This One-Of-A-Kind necklace features a Diamond embellished bail holding a bi-color Tourmaline of teal hues with touch of pink.  This color combination is considered a super activator of the Heart Chakra. While Pink Tourmaline is associated with emotions, Green Tourmaline is beneficial to one's physical being. Together they link to the higher self, and are believed to bring true joy to one's life and relationships!


- (1)~22x11mm Natural Bi-Color Tourmaline, 14ct
- 0.05ct Natural Diamonds
- 14k Yellow Gold
- 18" Chain, Lobster Clasp
- Handmade in Scottsdale, Arizona
- All Stones are Ethically Sourced
- Natural Stones may slightly vary in color